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Way Through Which The Human Growth Hormone Works


This is a substance that is abbreviated as HGH and it is a hormone that is produced by the front pituitary gland. There are many instances where the hormone is normally made use of but most of the cases are medical cases. If a person has stunted growth and the problem is recognized way before the growth plates of the bones have reached their maximum growth, it can be administered and it will subsequently promote the growth. The way that the substance works is that is binds to the receptors that are meant for it and then promotes the growth of the cells and it is through this mechanism of action that the effects of this body substance is observed.


On top of the natural form, there is also the artificial form of the substance which is administered as a drug. It is essential to be aware of the fact that the artificial form is normally given to people who have intact receptors but they have a defect in the production of the hormone but it cannot be administered to those that have resistant receptors since it will not work. Buy hgh injections for sale here!


In the event that the hormone is in excess, it can cause tissues in the body to grow beyond their growth rate and this is a serious condition which also has its consequences. In the young people, those whose epiphyseal plates has not fused, the excess hormone causes a condition that is referred to as gigantism. Again, in a person whose epiphyseal growth plates have already fused, it causes a condition that is referred to as gigantism. In this condition, there is excess growth of bones especially the bones of the skull and those of the extremities. Also, there are hair changes that do take place plus there is also excessive growth of the soft tissues of the body and the person also sweats excessively. Know more about HGH in http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arlene-weintraub/human-growth-hormone_b_801677.html.


Other aspects of the person, including the emotional aspect plus the social aspect normally change. All the above changes may lead to depression in a patient because many people may not understand what is going on with their bodies and therefore they end up judging them wrongly. For the case of the outfits, the person has to buy new ones because their body size has changed and also for the case of the shoes, the person will also need to buy new ones. In the event that the condition is not controlled, through the use of drugs that antagonize the activity of the hormone, then serious effects may occur. It is important for a person that is going through the above body changes  to seek both medical and also psychological help to assist them in coping with the situation. Buy hgh for sale here!